Cartoner Machines

Next-generation cartoners tailored with European quality

We don't sell things like those cheap pile of steel and inferior cartoners you may find on Alibaba or Made-in-China

Our cartoners are developed for high-end markets with all modern features that those cheap cartoners can never compare to.

ÉLITER´s next-generation cartoners are highlighted with advanced designs either in structure and functions including the following features:

  • Walk-in and balcony design
  • Optionally washdown to IP65
  • Multi-axis servo drive systems
  • Low maintenance and maximum flexibility
  • Industry 4.0 incorporation
  • Optional DSaaS incorporation for data-based analysis and insights

Our Portfolio of Cartoners

High-end cartoners made in China with European quality exclusively offered by ELITER Packaging Machinery

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery - a HUANENG Company, designs and manufacturers cartoning machines, overwrapping machines and wrap-around sleevers for a wide range of industries including food, dairy products, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and more.

Our machines are categorized into conventional models which are offered at competitive budget and then those next-generation models that provides premium quality to meet the customer expectation of high-end markets.

From entry-level option to those next-generation models of premium quality, we have among our category for you all range of options.

"Gran Sonata" Balcony Cartoner

Gran Sonata Balcony Cartoner

"Gran Sonata"

The next-generation intermittent cartoner for food application by ELITER Packaging Machinery features multi-axis servo technologies and is highlighted by balcony design with literally fully and complete stainless-steel construction, with maximum accessibility for maintenance, cleaning and hygiene. "Gran Sonata" covers until large size cartons even for 12'' frozen pizza.

Standard Features of "Gran Sonata"

  • Maximum Speed of 80 cartons per minute
  • Hygienic stainless-steel structure and frame
  • Literally Complete AISI SUS 304 construction
  • Hygienic cartoner with open profile
  • Ergonomic and balcony design with maximum access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Covers until the carton size of 320*320*130 mm

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Application of Gran Sonata Cartoner

"Crescendo" Smart Continuous Cartoner

Smart Continuous Motion Cartoner


A compact high-speed and continuous motion cartoner that is highlighted by a smart loader system that achieves two insertions at a time in a synchronized, reciprocatively and smart pattern.

Standard Features of "Crescendo"

  • Maximum Speed of 200 cartons per minute
  • Continuous cartoner without barrel cam loaders
  • Motion control technology
  • DELTA Servo Motion Control Series or SIEMENS SINAMICS and S7-1200
  • Ideal option for limited space availability without compromising high speed application
  • Covers until the carton size of 220*160*65 mm

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Conventional Intermittent Cartoner

Conventiona Intermittent Cartoner


Our old model of intermittent cartoner that is versatile, affordable, and compatible with a wide range of carton styles, spartan and alternative option for those who with limited budget.

Standard Features our old model of cartoner

  • Carbon-steel frame covered by SUS 304 plate
  • Affordable budget for entry-level application
  • Mechanical driven
  • SIEMENS S7-200 Smart PLC
  • Sick, Schneider, Omron and Panasonic electricals
  • Versatility and customization for all range of carton styles

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Infeed Conveyor
rotray carton feeder - cartoning machine
Bucket Conveyor
bucket conveyor - dzh 120 cartoning machine
Leaflet Folder
leaflet folder - dzh 120 cartoning machine
Product Loader
product loader- dzh 120 cartoning machine
Dust-Flap Kicker
Dust-Flap Kicker- dzh 120 cartoning machine
Tuck Folder
tuck folder- dzh 120 cartoning machine
Glue Sealing
Glue Sealing - dzh 120 cartoning machine
dzh 120 cartoning machine
Applications of Conventional 120 Cartoner - Cartoning Machine Category - ELITER