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Cartoner, Overwrapper, Wrap-Around Sleever | Secondary Packaging Automation

Packaging in Transformation

Family-owned business throughout three generations, manufacturer and gloal supplier of cartoning machine, overwrapping machine and wrap-around sleever. At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, we belives in the power of being different and heading forward to chart our own course. As a family business in the sector for three generations, we are taking reincarnation and transformation by investing further in the R+D+I. For the current stage we are going by watershep of our business where past models are being oudated while we are attaching our effort to incubating packaging automation solutions of the new generations, among which, the cutting-edge full servo-driven Wrap-Around Sleever, and the upcoming Crescendo™ Cartoner.

Our current excellence is remarked with the innovation of higher-performance film overwrapper, cost-effective horizontal end-load cartoning machines and the innovation in Wrap-Around Sleever.

Excellence in Overwrapping Packaging

ÉLITER presents to the market with the unparalleled high-performance BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine powered by Tri.Driver®. We offer the best-in-class and tip-top quality film wrapping machinery in the Chinese market for your overwrapping packaging automation.

Supplier of Affordable and Efficient Automatic Cartoning Equipment

We focus on provide our client and customer with efficient automatic cartoning machines while keeping the cost at an affordable level. The DZH-120 Series Cartoner with its cost-effective feature, personalized design and wide application is the choice we offer to the market.

Employees as our Key Factor to Success

We believe in the value of people. At ÉLITER we attach extreme importance to the full incorporation of each person in our team. We consider work to be part of life but not the purpose of it, we thrive together to acquire knowledge, improve ourselves and enjoy teamwork and achievement. We care about our employees who will also care about our clients. This is the value of people.

Rebirth of a Family Business Growing at Fast Pace

We are growing at a conspicuous pace both in business trajectory in an international level and packaging automation R+D+I. Our automatic overwrapping machines and horizontal end-load cartoner have reached to clients in the food industry, pharma industry, cosmetics industry located worldwidely in South-East Asia, Middle-East, Latin-American, North America and East Europe...